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Authenticity stops us from creating content sometimes.

Authenticity stops us from creating content sometimes.

Viewers are attracted to people that are inspirational, funny, real, relatable and vulnerable. People value raw and unscripted because it’s real and shows life isn’t perfect. Yup we all f**k up.

So where am I going with this blog?

Basically we don’t put out content on social media because of these obstacles:

  • Fear of what people may think
  • Fear of what people may say
  • Fear of being wrong
  • Fear of actually winning
  • Comparing ourselves to others or things
  • Not having the equipment

I’m aware of these statements because people ask me for the answer regularly and I’m proud to say I personally have a war in my mind about creating content because of the above. So how do we stop these obstacles from holding us back?


All of the statements mentioned are all opinions built up in your mind and are not fact’s. You’re soon to be active audience don’t want to see the finished article, they want to see someone they can relate through the up’s and the down’s, through the goofy times and embarrassing times.

“Being yourself separates you from the crowd and the delivery of your experiences will be unique to the world”

Social media has allowed us to become “influential” by being ourselves BUT, a lot of people don’t put out content because they feel their lives aren’t exciting, business isn’t big enough or interests aren’t exciting to keep someones attention.


Are you holding off for the new mirrorless camera, lense, stabiliser, camera guy, lighting, editing software and the list goes on! Yes, these things are nice to have but are not necessary for making content. So YUP! all excuses to why your not making content.

If you have a smartphone to hand you have no excuse as majority of mobiles have amazing cameras and allow you to shoot in 1080p which is more efficient and also have editing apps that are free!

Just remember it’s ok to be where you are right now as we all need to start somewhere, but the most important this is to be authenticly you!

Share this with a friend that needs a push to create content. <3

Written by: Theodore Hoffman

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