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With newspaper articles published multiple times within the week, there’s always a wonder to what information is factually correct and what information has been filtered out to meet the “expectations of society”.
With newspapers articles they rigorously check and amend their articles to address certain topic in a specific manner, they cater their writing to meet the expectations of their audience. Even if this means playing on words to not offend their target market by making sure their writing style does not directly go straight to the point and address the issue rather leave it to interpretation.

In more recent times, there has been a massive increase in social media usage. In the UK alone there are up to 45 million active social media users.
With social media being such an easy and accessible platform the public are able to speak their minds without their views being amended to engage with others, also having the power to speak their truth.

This has been a big development on how messages are being put across both instantly and directly. This has been shown by big Instagram influencers who have used their platforms to address issues that are either important to them or shining a light on topics newspaper companies are afraid of or deliberately keeping out of public knowledge. This type of platform is giving the people an opportunity to get their message across being able to speak their mind without their opinions being filtered.
Furthermore, within a business perspective using social media platforms becomes such a positive tool to enable their customer to communicate effectively. This allows customers to be able to view more reliable and trustworthy content. 

As well as this, with a wide amount of fake news being spread more people are looking for the truth!
But the question is ‘What are you doing with YOUR power?’

Written by: M.K


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